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Site News

New Thickness Planer Installed

The club has recently purchased and installed a new thickness planer.  This planer is electronically controlled.

The instructions for its correct operation are shown on a link on this website under Out Shop labeled as New Thickness Planer.

Visit the Media Gallery
Pictures of member-made projects are available for viewing and download by selecting the Media Gallery tab and then making a selection of the gallery you are interested in.  To all of the pictures in a gallery, select any picture and then the View Larger button.  The software will display all pictures in a slide show.  To return to the gallery display, simply click on the background outside of the enlarged picture.  
Shop Monitor Information

The most recent Shop Monitor information and training dates are posted on this website.

Also, you can now view the Shop Monitor training video on this website.

Select this link to view: Shop Monitor Information

New Equipment Operating Instructions

The VWC prepares videos describing new procedures and operating instruction overviews for new equipment.  These videos are presented on our website on our New Equipment page.

Just Added.... Use of the Crosscut Sled Accessory and Use of the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig....

Certification Training Videos Available
The certification videos which server as a refresher for you on how to perform basic operations on our shop equipment have been posted at Member Certification. 

Reminder --- Christmas Party Saturday December 12. Get your tickets before December 12

See the corrected “Born Before” date for Age exemption.  You must be born BEFORE 1/1/1936 to qualify”.

2016 DUES

2016 dues are $55 – payable by check or cash. Dues payments will be accepted starting October 12, 2015.

You must present your ID at the front desk when you pay duesBe prepared to select your 2016 monitor duty dates if you are not exempt from monitor duty, so bring your calendar.

If you have reached the age of 80 (born before 1/1/1936), and have been a member of the Woodshop for 5 years (joined in 2011 or before), you are eligible for a monitor duty exemption and will not be required to serve monitor duty.  You will be required to show some form of identification which shows you birthdate (driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.) You are still required to pay dues.

Dues must be paid by December 31, 2015.  Failure to do so will restrict you from the shop floor, but keep you in the system as a member.  If you pay your dues between January 1 and January 31, 2016, your restriction will be lifted and your membership will continue.  If dues are not paid by January 31, 2016, your membership will be terminated.

Welcome To Our Club

Welcome to The Villages Woodworkers Club (affectionately known as VWC).  Let me give you a little history about how we came to be and to what we have evolved.

 A little more than a decade ago, some Villagers, who had brought some of their personal equipment with them when they moved here, gathered and came up with a plan to make some wooden toys for needy children for Christmas.  They set a goal to make 50 toys - cutting out the pieces in one garage, sanding them in another, assembling in a third place and coming together as the best of Christmas elves could.  Word of their work got out and soon they had requests from groups also looking to make a child’s Christmas nicer.  In the end they produced 142 toys that Christmas.

And so an idea was born –Recognizing that a woodworkers club would be ideal, the “elves” sought out the data to propose the idea of a club to The Villages.  They traveled to see other clubs, collected info on the equipment needed, estimated the number of residents that might be interested and the money needed to get it all started.  They then approached The Villages developer, Gary Morse, with the plan.  Obviously they’d done a good job because Mr. Morse accepted the plan, expanded it, identified a site, equipped the building and turned it over to the “founders” as a Villages Club.

The Club was established; the by-laws were written; the officers were identified; the procedures were decided and the doors were opened for Villagers to “make sawdust”!

A decade later, we are a vibrant, active part of The Villages.  Today we have over 850 members.  We are focused on three disciplines: 1) general woodworking which incorporates most common equipment and covers making everything from a small box to an entertainment center or a bedroom suite; 2) turning which involves work one of 11 lathes and covers making pens, bowls, salt and pepper mills, spindles etc.; and 3) carving which covers primitive carving, chip carving, caricatures, and birds so real they look as if they could fly away!  In each of those fields we have rank amateurs to masters of their art.

On the altruistic, civic side, we devote some of our time to giving back to the community in which we reside.  1) Back to the toys – the “elves” now working six days a week all year long, make approximately 6000 toys a year for needy children in the area. 2) The turners and carvers unite to create personalized Eagle Head canes for any Florida soldier wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan in thanks for his/her contribution to our country.  3) The general woodworking area builds burial urns for indigent veterans such that families who do not have the means to bury their son/daughter/father/mother can do so with dignity.  4) A small group devoted to “special efforts” accepts pieces that need fixing, such chairs, tables etc.  There is only a charge for the material.  Any donation towards the labor is appreciated.

To expand expertise and satisfy that need to learn, we have established classes to train members in the different disciplines.  The classes range from very elementary to levels of mastery.  All are taught by members and cost a mere $10 for the “education part” plus whatever the material costs.

Having mentioned “materials”, it is nice to know that the Club has established a climate-controlled wood shed making most common woods and some exotics available for very reasonable cost.  Additionally, a member need not own any tools (unless he or she chooses to).  All tools are available within the Shop for use in the Shop.

Does it sound like a dream come true? Well, we know that we are prejudiced, but we think so!  Our one-time initiation fee is very reasonable and our yearly dues are ridiculously low!

Want to know more?  Stop by and see us at 704 Oak St, just off Rolling Acres.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed and just might want to join us all in “making VWC sawdust”!


Mike Borfitz


Club Announcements

Meeting Notices

The next general meeting of the club will be December 12 at Savannah Center in celebration of the VWC Annual Richard Knie Christmas Party. There is no general meeting in December.

Turners Group meeting is scheduled for November 17, starting at 7PM at the wood shop.

5th Annual Col. Knie Christmas Party

The Annual Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 12 at Savannah Center.  Mark you calendar!

Attendance at the party is restricted to current VWC Members and a guest, as your club is covering a large portion of the expenses to this catered event. Reservations must be made prior to December 5, 2015 by purchasing tickets at the Front Desk.

See the link for additional information:

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